Python Bindings

The HTCondor Python bindings expose a Pythonic interface to the HTCondor client libraries. They utilize the same C++ libraries as HTCondor itself, meaning they have nearly the same behavior as the command line tools.

User Quick Start
These tutorials cover the features that users who want to submit and manage jobs will find most useful. Start here if you’re a user who wants to submit and manage jobs from Python.
Introductory Tutorials
These tutorials cover the basics of the Python bindings and how to use them through a quick overview of the major components. Each tutorial is meant to be done in sequence. Start here if you’ve never used the bindings before!
Advanced Topics
The advanced tutorials are in-depth looks at specific pieces of the Python modules. Each is meant to be stand-alone and should only require knowledge from the introductory tutorials.
htcondor API Reference
Documentation for the public API of htcondor.
classad API Reference
Documentation for the public API of classad.