How to Report a Bug

You can report a bug via our various Technical Support channels, as described on our main website:

Mailing List

A good place to start is asking about your problem on our community mailing list:

This is actively used by both HTCondor developers and the wider community, so people will identify if your problem is a known issue, a new problem, or not a bug at all. We’ll also be able to offer solutions and short-term workarounds.

Email Support

If the mailing list fails to provide a solution, send an email directly to our group at Please provide as much information as possible: detailed information about the problem, relevant log files, and steps on how to reproduce it. If it’s a new issue that our team was not aware of, we’ll create a new ticket in our system.

Ticketing System

Experienced HTCondor users can also request a user account that will allow them to create tickets directly in our system:

To get an account, send an email to explaining why you want it and how you intend to use it. These are typically reserved for known collaborators with a direct contact on the HTCondor team.