Version 10.0 LTS Releases

These are Long Term Support (LTS) versions of HTCondor. As usual, only bug fixes (and potentially, ports to new platforms) will be provided in future 10.0.y versions. New features will be added in the 10.x.y feature versions.

The details of each version are described below.

Version 10.0.2

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 10.0.2 released on March 2, 2023.

  • HTCondor Python wheel is now available for Python 3.11 on PyPI. (HTCONDOR-1586)

  • The macOS tarball is now being built on macOS 11. (HTCONDOR-1610)

New Features:

  • Added configuration option called ALLOW_TRANSFER_REMAP_TO_MKDIR to allow a transfer output remap to create directories in allowed places if they do not exist at transfer output time. (HTCONDOR-1480)

  • Improved scalability of condor_schedd when running more than 1,000 jobs from the same user. (HTCONDOR-1549)

  • condor_ssh_to_job should now work in glidein and other environments where the job or HTCondor is running as a Unix user id that doesn’t have an entry in the /etc/passwd database. (HTCONDOR-1543)

  • VM universe jobs are now configured to pass through the host CPU model to the VM. This change enables VMs with newer kernels (such as Enterprise Linux 9) to operate in VM Universe. (HTCONDOR-1559)

  • The condor_remote_cluster command was updated to fetch the Alma Linux tarballs for Enterprise Linux 8 and 9. (HTCONDOR-1562)

Bugs Fixed:

  • In the python bindings, the attribute ServerTime is now included in job ads returned by Schedd.query() to support Fifemon. (HTCONDOR-1531)

  • Fixed issue when HTCondor could not be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver). (HTCONDOR-1548)

  • Attempting to use a file-transfer plug-in that doesn’t exist is no longer silently ignored. This could happen due to different bug, also fixed, where plug-ins specified only in transfer_output_remaps were not automatically added to a job’s requirements. (HTCONDOR-1501)

  • Fixed a bug where condor_now could not use the resources freed by evicting a job if its procID was 1. (HTCONDOR-1519)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the condor_startd to exit when thinpool provisioned filesystems were enabled. (HTCONDOR-1524)

  • Fixed a bug causing a Python warning when installing on Ubuntu 22.04. (HTCONDOR-1534)

  • Fixed a bug where the condor_history tool would crash when doing a remote query with a constraint expression or specified job IDs. (HTCONDOR-1564)

Version 10.0.1

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 10.0.1 released on January 5, 2023.

New Features:

  • Add support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish). (HTCONDOR-1304)

  • HTCondor now includes a file transfer plugin that support stash:// and osdf:// URLs. (HTCONDOR-1332)

  • The Windows installer now uses the localized name of the Users group so that it can be installed on non-English Windows platforms. (HTCONDOR-1474)

  • OpenCL jobs can now run inside a Singularity container launched by HTCondor if the OpenCL drivers are present on the host in directory /etc/OpenCL/vendors. (HTCONDOR-1410)

  • The CompletionDate attribute of jobs is now undefined until such time as the job completes previously it was 0. (HTCONDOR-1393)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux platforms with swap accounting disabled in the kernel would never put a job on hold if it exceeded RequestMemory and MEMORY_LIMIT_POLICY was set to hard or soft. (HTCONDOR-1466)

  • Fixed a bug where using the -forcex option with condor_rm on a scheduler universe job could cause a condor_schedd crash. (HTCONDOR-1472)

  • Fixed bugs in the container universe that prevented apptainer-only systems from running container universe jobs with Docker repository style images. (HTCONDOR-1412)

  • Docker universe and container universe job that use the docker runtime now detect when the Unix uid or gid has the high bit set, which docker does not support. (HTCONDOR-1421)

  • Grid universe batch works again on Debian and Ubuntu. Since 9.5.0, some required files had been missing. (HTCONDOR-1475)

  • Fixed bug in the curl plugin where it would crash on Enterprise Linux 8 systems when using a file:// url type. (HTCONDOR-1426)

  • Fixed bug in where the multi-file curl plugin would fail to timeout due lack of upload or download progress if a large amount of bytes where transferred at some point. (HTCONDOR-1403)

  • Fixed bug where the multi-file curl plugin would fail to receive a SciToken if it was in raw format rather than json. (HTCONDOR-1447)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the starter from properly mounting thinpool provisioned ephemeral scratch directories. (HTCONDOR-1419)

  • Fixed a bug where SSL authentication with the condor_collector could fail when the provided hostname is not a DNS CNAME. (HTCONDOR-1443)

  • Fixed a Vault credmon bug where tokens were being refreshed too often. (HTCONDOR-1017)

  • Fixed a Vault credmon bug where the CA certificates used were not based on the HTCondor configuration. (HTCONDOR-1179)

  • Fixed the condor_gridmanager to recognize when it has the final data for an ARC job in the FAILED status with newer versions of ARC CE. Before, the condor_gridmanager would leave the job marked as RUNNING and retry querying the ARC CE server endlessly. (HTCONDOR-1448)

  • Fixed AES encryption failures on macOS Ventura. (HTCONDOR-1458)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause tools that have the -printformat argument to segfault when the format file contained a FIELDPREFIX, FIELDSUFFIX, RECORDPREFIX or RECORDSUFFIX. (HTCONDOR-1464)

  • Fixed a bug in the RENAME command of the transform language that could result in a crash of the condor_schedd or condor_job_router. (HTCONDOR-1486)

  • For tarball installations, the condor_configure script now configures HTCondor to use user based security. (HTCONDOR-1461)

Version 10.0.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 10.0.0 released on November 10, 2022.

New Features:

  • The default for TRUST_DOMAIN, which is used by with IDTOKEN authentication has been changed to $(UID_DOMAIN). If you have already created IDTOKENs for use in your pool, you should configure TRUST_DOMAIN to the issuer value of a valid token. (HTCONDOR-1381)

  • The condor_transform_ads tool now has a -jobtransforms argument that reads transforms from the configuration. This provides a convenient way to test the JOB_TRANSFORM_<NAME> configuration variables. (HTCONDOR-1312)

  • Added new automatic configuration variable DETECTED_CPUS_LIMIT which gets set to the minimum of DETECTED_CPUS from the configuration and OMP_NUM_THREADS and SLURM_CPU_ON_NODES from the environment. (HTCONDOR-1307)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where if a job created a symbolic link to a file, the contents of that file would be counted in the job’s DiskUsage. Previously, symbolic links to directories were (correctly) ignored, but not symbolic links to files. (HTCONDOR-1354)

  • Fixed a bug where if SINGULARITY_TARGET_DIR is set, condor_ssh_to job would start the interactive shell in the root directory of the job, not in the current working directory of the job. (HTCONDOR-1406)

  • Suppressed a Singularity or Apptainer warning that would appear in a job’s stderr file, warning about the inability to set the HOME environment variable if the job or the system explicitly tried to set it. (HTCONDOR-1386)

  • Fixed a bug where on certain Linux kernels, the ProcLog would be filled with thousands of errors of the form “Internal cgroup error when retrieving iowait statistics”. This error was harmless, but filled the ProcLog with noise. (HTCONDOR-1385)

  • Fixed bug where certain submit file variables like accounting_group and accounting_group_user couldn’t be declared specifically for DAGMan jobs because DAGMan would always write over the variables at job submission time. (HTCONDOR-1277)

  • Fixed a bug where SciTokens authentication wasn’t available on macOS and Python wheels distributions. (HTCONDOR-1328)

  • Fixed job submission to newer ARC CE releases. (HTCONDOR-1327)

  • Fixed a bug where a pre-created security session may not be used when connecting to a daemon over IPv6. The peers would do a full round of authentication and authorization, which may fail. This primarily happened with both peers had PREFER_IPV4 set to False. (HTCONDOR-1341)

  • The condor_negotiator no longer sends the admin capability attribute of machine ads to the condor_schedd. (HTCONDOR-1349)

  • Fixed a bug in DAGMan where Node jobs that could not write to their UserLog would cause the DAG to get stuck indefinitely while waiting for pending Nodes. (HTCONDOR-1305)

  • Fixed a bug where s3:// URLs host or bucket names shorter than 14 characters caused the shadow to dump core. (HTCONDOR-1378)

  • Fixed a bug in the hibernation code that caused HTCondor to ignore the active Suspend-To-Disk option. (HTCONDOR-1357)

  • Fixed a bug where some administrator client tools did not properly use the remote administrator capability (configuration parameter SEC_ENABLE_REMOTE_ADMINISTRATION). (HTCONDOR-1371)

  • When a JOB_TRANSFORM_* transform changes an attribute at submit time in a late materialization factory, it no longer marks that attribute as fixed for all jobs. This change makes it possible for a transform to modify rather than simply replacing an attribute that that the user wishes to vary per job. (HTCONDOR-1369)

  • Fixed bug where Collector, Negotiator, and Schedd core files that are naturally large would be deleted by condor_preen because the file sizes exceeded the max file size. (HTCONDOR-1377)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a daemon or tool to crash when connecting to a daemon using a security session. This particularly affected the condor_schedd. (HTCONDOR-1372)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause digits to be truncated reading resource usage information from the job event log via the Python or C++ APIs for reading event logs. Note this only happens for very large values of requested or allocated disk, memory. (HTCONDOR-1263)

  • Fixed a bug where GPUs that were marked as OFFLINE in the Startd would still be available for matchmaking in the AvailableGPUs attribute. (HTCONDOR-1397)

  • The executables within the tarball distribution now use RPATH to find shared libraries. Formerly, RUNPATH was used and tarballs became susceptible to failures when independently compiled HTCondor libraries were present in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (HTCONDOR-1405)