Stable Release Series 9.0

This is the stable release series of HTCondor. As usual, only bug fixes (and potentially, ports to new platforms) will be provided in future 9.0.x releases. New features will be added in the 9.1.x development series.

The details of each version are described below.

Version 9.0.1

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 9.0.1 released on May 17, 2021.

  • The installer for Windows will now replace the condor_config file even on an update. You must use condor_config.local or a configuration directory to customize the configuration if you wish to preserve configuration changes across updates.

Known Issues:

  • There is a known issue with the installer for Windows where it does not honor the Administrator Access list set in the MSI permissions dialog on a fresh install. Instead it will always set the Administrator access to the default value.

  • MUNGE security is temporarily broken.

New Features:

  • The Windows MSI installer now sets up user-based authentication and creates an IDTOKEN for local administration. (HTCONDOR-407)

  • When the AssignAccountingGroup configuration template is in effect and a user submits a job with a requested accounting group that they are not permitted to use, the submit will be rejected with an error message. This configuration template has a new optional second argument that can be used to quietly ignore the requested accounting group instead. (HTCONDOR-426)

  • Added the OpenBLAS environment variable OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS to the list of environment variables exported by the condor_starter per these recommendations. (HTCONDOR-444)

  • HTCondor now parses /usr/share/condor/config.d/ for configuration before /etc/condor/config.d, so that packagers have a convenient place to adjust the HTCondor configuration. (HTCONDOR-45)

  • Added a boolean option LOCAL_CREDMON_TOKEN_USE_JSON for the local issuer condor_credmon_oauth that is used to decide whether or not the bare token string in a generated access token file is wrapped in JSON. Default is LOCAL_CREDMON_TOKEN_USE_JSON = true (wrap token in JSON). (HTCONDOR-367)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where sending an updated proxy to an execute node could cause the condor_starter to segfault when AES encryption was enabled (which is the default). (HTCONDOR-456) (HTCONDOR-490)

  • Fixed a bug with jobs that require running on a different machine after a failure by referring to MachineAttrX attributes in their requirements expression. (HTCONDOR-434)

  • Fixed a bug in the way AutoClusterAttrs was calculated that could cause matchmaking to ignore attributes changed by job_machine_attrs. (HTCONDOR-414)

  • Fixed a bug in the implementation of the submit commands max_retries and success_exit_code which would cause jobs which exited on a signal to go on hold (instead of exiting or being retried). (HTCONDOR-430)

  • Fixed a memory leak in the job router, usually triggered when job policy expressions cause removal of the job. (HTCONDOR-408)

  • Fixed some bugs that caused bosco_cluster --add to fail. Allow remote_gahp to work with older Bosco installations via the --rgahp-script option. Fixed security authorization failure between condor_gridmanager and condor_ft-gahp. (HTCONDOR-433) (HTCONDOR-438) (HTCONDOR-451) (HTCONDOR-452) (HTCONDOR-487)

  • Fixed a bug in condor_submit when a SEC_CREDENTIAL_PRODUCER was configured that could result in condor_submit reporting that the Queue statement of a submit file was missing or invalid. (HTCONDOR-427)

  • Fixed a bug in the local issuer condor_credmon_oauth where SciTokens version 2.0 tokens were being generated without an “aud” claim. The “aud” claim is now set to LOCAL_ISSUER_TOKEN_AUDIENCE. The “ver” claim can be changed from the default of “scitokens:2.0” by setting LOCAL_ISSUER_TOKEN_VERSION. (HTCONDOR-445)

  • Fixed several bugs that could result in the condor_token_ tools aborting with a c++ runtime error on newer versions of Linux. (HTCONDOR-449)

Version 9.0.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 9.0.0 released on April 14, 2021.

  • The installer for Windows platforms was not ready for 9.0.0. Windows support will appear in 9.0.1.

  • Removed support for CREAM and Unicore grid jobs, glexec privilege separation, DRMAA, and condor_cod.

Known Issues:

  • MUNGE security is temporarily broken.

  • The bosco_cluster command is temporarily broken.

New Features:

  • A new tool condor_check_config can be used after an upgrade when you had a working condor configuration before the upgrade. It will report configuration values that should be changed. In this version the tool for a few things related to the change to a more secure configuration by default. (HTCONDOR-384)

  • The condor_gpu_discovery tool now defaults to using -short-uuid form for GPU ids on machines where the CUDA driver library has support for them. A new option -by-index has been added to select index-based GPU ids. (HTCONDOR-145)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 8.9.12 where the condor_job_router inside a CE would crash when evaluating periodic expressions (HTCONDOR-402)