update a machine ClassAd


condor_update_machine_ad [-help | -version ]

condor_update_machine_ad [-pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]] [-name startdname] path/to/update-ad


condor_update_machine_ad modifies the specified condor_startd daemon’s machine ClassAd. The ClassAd in the file given by path/to/update-ad represents the changed attributes. The changes persists until the condor_startd restarts. If no file is specified on the command line, condor_update_machine_ad reads the update ClassAd from stdin.

Contents of the file or stdin must contain a complete ClassAd. Each line must be terminated by a newline character, including the last line of the file. Lines are of the form

<attribute> = <value>

Changes to certain ClassAd attributes will cause the condor_startd to regenerate values for other ClassAd attributes. An example of this is setting HasVM. This will cause OfflineUniverses, VMOfflineTime, and VMOfflineReason to change.



Display usage information and exit


Display the HTCondor version and exit

-pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

Specify a pool by giving the central manager’s host name and an optional port number

-name startdname

Send the command to a machine identified by startdname

General Remarks

This tool is intended for the use of system administrators when dealing with offline universes.


To re-enable matching with the VM universe jobs, place on stdin a complete ClassAd (including the ending newline character) to change the value of ClassAd attribute HasVM:

$ echo "HasVM = True
" | condor_update_machine_ad

To prevent vm universe jobs from matching with the machine:

$ echo "HasVM = False
" | condor_update_machine_ad

To prevent vm universe jobs from matching with the machine and specify a reason:

$ echo "HasVM = False
VMOfflineReason = \"Cosmic rays.\"
" | condor_update_machine_ad

Note that the quotes around the reason are required by ClassAds, and they must be escaped because of the shell. Using a file instead of stdin may be preferable in these situations, because neither quoting nor escape characters are needed.

Exit Status

condor_update_machine_ad will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.