Contact Information

The latest software releases, publications/papers regarding HTCondor and other High-Throughput Computing research can be found at the official web site for HTCondor at

In addition, there is an e-mail list at The HTCondor Team uses this e-mail list to announce new releases of HTCondor and other major HTCondor-related news items. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the the list, follow the instructions at Because many of us receive too much e-mail as it is, you will be happy to know that the HTCondor World e-mail list group is moderated, and only major announcements of wide interest are distributed.

Our users support each other by belonging to an unmoderated mailing list ( targeted at solving problems with HTCondor. HTCondor team members attempt to monitor traffic to htcondor-users, responding as they can. Follow the instructions at

Finally, you can reach the HTCondor Team directly. The HTCondor Team is comprised of the developers and administrators of HTCondor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. HTCondor questions, comments, pleas for help, and requests for commercial contract consultation or support are all welcome; send Internet e-mail to Please include your name, organization, and telephone number in your message. If you are having trouble with HTCondor, please help us troubleshoot by including as much pertinent information as you can, including snippets of HTCondor log files.