Job Event Log Codes

Table B.2 lists codes that appear as the first field within a job event log file. See more detailed descriptions of these values in the Managing a Job section.

Table B.2: Event Codes in a Job Event Log

001 EXECUTE Execute
002 EXECUTABLE_ERROR Executable error
003 CHECKPOINTED Checkpointed
004 JOB_EVICTED Job evicted
005 JOB_TERMINATED Job terminated
006 IMAGE_SIZE Image size
007 SHADOW_EXCEPTION Shadow exception
009 JOB_ABORTED Job aborted
010 JOB_SUSPENDED Job suspended
011 JOB_UNSUSPENDED Job unsuspended
012 JOB_HELD Job held
013 JOB_RELEASED Job released
014 NODE_EXECUTE Node execute
015 NODE_TERMINATED Node terminated
016 POST_SCRIPT_TERMINATED Post script terminated
017 GLOBUS_SUBMIT Globus submit (no longer used)
018 GLOBUS_SUBMIT_FAILED Globus submit failed
019 GLOBUS_RESOURCE_UP Globus resource up (no longer used)
020 GLOBUS_RESOURCE_DOWN Globus resource down (no longer used)
021 REMOTE_ERROR Remote error
022 JOB_DISCONNECTED Job disconnected
023 JOB_RECONNECTED Job reconnected
024 JOB_RECONNECT_FAILED Job reconnect failed
025 GRID_RESOURCE_UP Grid resource up
026 GRID_RESOURCE_DOWN Grid resource down
027 GRID_SUBMIT Grid submit
028 JOB_AD_INFORMATION Job ClassAd attribute values added to event log
029 JOB_STATUS_UNKNOWN Job status unknown
030 JOB_STATUS_KNOWN Job status known
031 JOB_STAGE_IN Grid job stage in
032 JOB_STAGE_OUT Grid job stage out
033 ATTRIBUTE_UPDATE Job ClassAd attribute update
035 CLUSTER_SUBMIT Cluster submitted
036 CLUSTER_REMOVE Cluster removed
037 FACTORY_PAUSED Factory paused
038 FACTORY_RESUMED Factory resumed
039 NONE No event could be returned
040 FILE_TRANSFER File transfer