Development Release Series 8.7

This is the development release series of HTCondor. The details of each version are described below.

Version 8.7.10

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.10 released on October 31, 2018.

New Features:

  • One can now submit an interactive Docker job. (Ticket #6710)

  • Added the SINGULARITY_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS configuration parameter. Administrators can now append arguments to the Singularity command line. (Ticket #6731)

  • The MUNGE security method is now supported on all Linux platforms. (Ticket #6713)

  • The grid universe can now be used to create and manage VM instances in Microsoft Azure, using the new grid type azure. (Ticket #6176)

  • Added single-node configuration package to facilitate using a personal HTCondor. (Ticket #6709)

  • Added a new file transfer plugin, multifile_curl_plugin which is able to transfer multiple files with only a single invocation of the plugin, preserving the TCP connection. It also takes a ClassAd as input data, which will allow us to pass in more complex input than the existing curl_plugin. (Ticket #6499)

  • Added two new policies, PREEMPT_IF_RUNTIME_EXCEEDS and HOLD_IF_RUNTIME_EXCEEDS. The former is (intended to be) identical to the policy LIMIT_JOB_RUNTIMES, except without ordering constraints with respect to other policy macros. (ALWAYS_RUN_JOBS must still come before any other policy macro, but unlike LIMIT_JOB_RUNTIMES, PREEMPT_IF_RUNTIME_EXCEEDS may come after other policy macros.) Additionally, both of the new policies function while the machine is draining. (Ticket #6701)

  • condor_submit will no longer attempt to read submit commands from standard input when there is no submit file if a queue statement and at least one submit command is provided on the command line. (Ticket #6581)

  • If the first line of the job’s executable starts with #! condor_submit will now check that line for a Windows/DOS line ending, and if it finds one, it will not submit the job because such a script will not be able to start on Unix or Linux platforms. This check can be changed from an error to a warning by submitting with the allow-crlf-script option. (Ticket #6660)

  • Added support for spaces in remapped file paths in condor_submit. (Ticket #6642)

  • Improved error handling during SSL authentication. (Ticket #6720)

  • Improved throughput when submitting a large number of Condor-C jobs. Previously, Condor-C jobs could remain held for a long time in the remote condor_schedd ‘s queue while other jobs were being submitted. (Ticket #6716)

  • Updated default configuration parameters to improve performance for large pools and gives users a better experience. (Ticket #6768) (Ticket #6787)

  • Added new configuration parameter TRUST_LOCAL_UID_DOMAIN. It works like TRUST_UID_DOMAIN, but only applies when the condor_shadow and condor_starter are on the same machine. (Ticket #6785)

  • Added a new configuration parameter SUBMIT_DEFAULT_SHOULD_TRANSFER_FILES. It determines whether file transfer should default to YES, NO, or AUTO when when the submit file does not supply a value for should_transfer_files and file transfer is not forced on or off by some other parameter in the submit file. Prior to this addition, condor_submit would always default to AUTO. (Ticket #6784)

  • Added new statistics attributes about the lifetime of the condor_starter to the condor_startd Ad. This attributes are intended to aid in writing policy expressions that prevent a node from matching jobs when the node has frequently failed to start jobs. (Ticket #6698)

  • For grid-type boinc jobs, the following job ad attributes can be used to to set the BOINC job template parameters of the same name: rsc_fpops_est, rsc_fpops_bound, rsc_memory_bound, rsc_disk_bound, delay_bound, and app_version_num. (Ticket #6760)

  • Daemons now advertise DaemonLastReconfigTime in all of their ads. This is either the boot time of the time, or the last time condor_reconfig was run on that daemon. (Ticket #6758)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where PREEMPT was not be evaluated if the machine was draining. This prevent the HOLD_IF series of policies from functioning properly in that situation. (Ticket #6697)

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when starting Docker Universe jobs that would cause the condor_starter to crash and the jobs to cycle between running and idle status. (Ticket #6725)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a job to go into a rapid cycle between running and idle status if a policy expression evaluated to Undefined during input file transfer. (Ticket #6728)

  • Fixed bugs where small jobs would not match partitionable slots when Group Quotas were enabled. (Ticket #6714) (Ticket #6750)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented condor_tail -stderr from working. (Ticket #6755)

  • condor_who now works properly on macOS. (Ticket #6652)

  • Fixed output of condor_q -global when printing in JSON, XML, or new ClassAd format. (Ticket #6761)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause condor_wait and the python bindings on Windows to repeat events when reading the job event log. (Ticket #6752)

  • Added missing Accounting, Credd, and Defrag AdTypes to the python bindings AdTypes enumeration. (Ticket #6737)

  • Fixed a bug that caused late materialization jobs to handle the getenv submit command incorrectly. (Ticket #6723)

  • Fixed an inefficiency in the SetAttribute remote procedure call that could sometimes result in noticeable performance reduction of the condor_schedd. Removing this inefficiency will allow a single condor_schedd to handle updates from a larger number of running jobs. (Ticket #6732)

  • The condor_gangliad can now publish accounting Ads as Ganglia metrics. (Ticket #6757)

  • condor_ssh_to_job is now configured to use the IPv4 loopback address. This avoids problems when IPv6 is present but not enabled. (Ticket #6711)

  • Fixed a bug where the JobSuccessExitCode was not set. (Ticket #6786)

  • Fixed a problem with the EC2 configuration file was present in the tarballs. (Ticket #6797)

Version 8.7.9

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.9 released on August 1, 2018.

Known Issues:

  • Amazon Web Services is deprecating support for the Node.js 4.3 runtime, used by condor_annex, on July 31 (2018). If you ran the condor_annex setup command with a previous version, you must update your account to use the new runtime. Follow the link below for simple instructions. Accounts setup with this version of HTCondor will use the new runtime. (Ticket #6665)

  • Policies implemented by the startd may not function as desired while the machine is draining. Specifically, if the PREEMPT expression becomes true for a particular slot while a machine is draining, the corresponding job will not vacate the slot until draining completes. For example, this renders the policy macro HOLD_IF_MEMORY_EXCEEDED ineffective. This has been a problem since v8.6. (Ticket #6697)

  • Policies implemented by the startd may not function as desired while the startd is shutting down peacefully. Specifically, if the PREEMPT expression becomes true for a particular slot while the startd is shutting down peacefully, the corresponding job will never be vacated. For example, this renders renders the policy macro HOLD_IF_MEMORY_EXCEEDED ineffective. This has been a problem since v8.6. (Ticket #6701)

New Features:

  • The HTCondor Python bindings Submit class can now be initialized from an existing condor_submit file including the QUEUE statement. Python bindings Submit class also can now submit a job for each step of a Python iterator. (Ticket #6679)

  • VM universe jobs are now given time to shutdown after a power-off signal when they are evicted gracefully. (Ticket #6705)

  • The NETWORK_HOSTNAME configuration parameter can now be set to a fully-qualified hostname that’s an alias of one of the machine’s interfaces. (Ticket #6702)

  • Added a new tool, condor_now, which tries to run the specified job now. You specify two jobs that you own from the same condor_schedd: the now-job and the vacate-job. The latter is immediately vacated; after the vacated job terminates, if the condor_schedd still has the claim to the vacated job’s slot (and it usually will), the condor_schedd will immediately start the now-job on that slot. The now-job must be idle and the vacate-job must be running. If you’re a queue super-user, the jobs must have the same owner, but that owner doesn’t have to be you. (Ticket #6659)

  • HTCondor now supports backfill while draining. You may now use the condor_drain command, or configure the condor_defrag daemon, to set a different START expression for the duration of the draining. See the definition of DEFRAG_DRAINING_START_EXPR ( Configuration Macros) and the condor_drain manual ( condor_drain) for details. See also the known issues above for information which may influence your choice of START expressions. (Ticket #6664)

  • Docker universe jobs now run with the supplemental group ids of the running user, not just the primary group. (Ticket #6658)

  • Added proxy delegation for vanilla universe jobs that define a X509 proxy but do not use the file transfer mechanism. (Ticket #6587)

  • Added configuration parameters GAHP_SSL_CADIR and GAHP_SSL_CAFILE to specify trusted CAs when authenticating EC2 and GCE servers. This used by be controlled by SOAP_SSL_CA_DIR and SOAP_SSL_CAFILE, which have been removed. (Ticket #6684)

  • HTCondor can now read the new credentials file format used by the Goggle Cloud Platform command-line tools. (Ticket #6657)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where an ill-formed startd docker image cache file could cause the starter to crash starting docker universe jobs. (Ticket #6699)

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent environment variables defined in a job submit file from appearing in jobs running in Singularity containers using Singularity version 2.4 and greater. (Ticket #6656)

  • Fixed a problem where a condor_vacate_job, when passed the -fast flag, would leave the corresponding slot stuck in “Preempting/Vacating” state until the job lease expired. (Ticket #6663)

  • Fixed a problem where condor_annex ‘s setup routine, if no region had been specified on the command line, would write a configuration for a bogus region rather than the default one. (Ticket #6666)

  • The condor_history_helper program was removed. condor_history is now used by the condor_schedd to help with remote history queries. (Ticket #6247)

Version 8.7.8

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.8 released on May 10, 2018.

New Features:

  • condor_annex may now be setup in multiple regions simultaneously. Use the -aws-region flag with -setup to add new regions. Use the -aws-region flag with other condor_annex commands to choose which region to operate in. You may change the default region by setting ANNEX_DEFAULT_AWS_REGION. (Ticket #6632)

  • Added default AMIs for all four US regions to simplify using condor_annex in those regions. (Ticket #6633)

  • HTCondor will no longer mangle CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES or GPU_DEVICE_ORDINAL if those environment variables are set when it starts up. As a result, HTCondor will report GPU usage with the original device index (rather than starting over at 0). (Ticket #6584)

  • When reporting GPUsUsage, HTCondor now also reports GPUsMemoryUsage. This is like MemoryUsage, except it is the peak amount of GPU memory used by the job. This feature only works for nVidia GPUs. (Ticket #6544)

  • Improved error messages when delegation of an X.509 proxy fails. (Ticket #6575)

  • condor_q will no longer limit the width of the output to 80 columns when it outputs to a file or pipe. (Ticket #6643)

  • Submission of jobs via the Python bindings Submit class will now attempt to put all jobs submitted in a single transaction under the same ClusterId. (Ticket #6649)

  • Added support for condor_schedd query options in the Python bindings. (Ticket #6619)

  • Eliminated SOAP support. (Ticket #6648)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a problem where, when starting enough condor_annex instances simultaneously, some (approximately 1 in 100) instances would neither join the pool nor terminate themselves. (Ticket #6638)

  • When running in a HAD setup, there is a configuration parameter, COLLECTOR_HOST_FOR_NEGOTIATOR which tells the active negotiator which collector to prefer. Previously, this parameter had no default, so the negotiator might arbitrarily chose a far-away collector. Now this knob defaults to the local collector in a HAD setup. (Ticket #6616)

  • Fixed a bug when running in a configuration with more than one condor_collector, the condor_negotiator would only send the accounting ads to one of them. The result of this bug is that the condor_userprio tool would show now results about half of the time it was run. (Ticket #6615)

  • Fixed a bug where condor_annex would fail with a malformed authorization header when using AWS resources in a region other than us-east-1. (Ticket #6629)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Docker universe jobs with no executable listed in the submit file from running. (Ticket #6612)

  • Fixed a bug where the condor_starter would fail with an error after a docker job exits. (Ticket #6623)

  • Fixed a bug where condor_userprio would always show zero resources in use when NEGOTIATOR_CONSIDER_PREEMPTION=false was set. (Ticket #6621)

  • Fixed a bug where “” was not being updated atomically. (Ticket #6591)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a machine slot to become stuck in the Claimed/Busy state after a job completes. (Ticket #6597)

Version 8.7.7

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.7 released on March 13, 2018.

New Features:

  • condor_ssh_to_job now works with Docker Universe, the interactive shell is started inside the container. This assume that there is a shell executable inside the container, but not necessarily an sshd. (Ticket #6558)

  • Improved error messages in the job log for Docker universe jobs that do not start. (Ticket #6567)

  • Release a 32-bit condor_shadow for Enterprise Linux 7 platforms. (Ticket #6495)

  • HTCondor now reports, in the job ad and user log, which custom machine resources were assigned to the slot in which the job ran. (Ticket #6549)

  • HTCondor now reports CPUsUsage for each job. This attribute is like MemoryUsage and DiskUsage, except it is the average number of CPUs used by the job. (Ticket #6477)

  • The use feature: GPUs metaknob now causes HTCondor to report GPUsUsage for each job. This is like CPUsUsage, except it is the average number of GPUs used by the job. This feature only works for nVIDIA GPUs. (Ticket #6477)

  • Administrators may now, for each custom machine resource, define a custom resource monitor. Such a script reports the usage(s) of each instance of the corresponding machine resource since the last time it reported; HTCondor aggregates these reports between resource instances and over time to produce a <Resource>Usage attribute, which is like GPUsUsage, except for the custom machine resource in question. (Ticket #6477)

  • The condor_startd now periodically writes a file to each job’s sandbox named “”. This file is a copy of the slot’s machine ad, but unlike “”, it is regularly updated. Jobs may read this file to observe their own usage attributes. (Ticket #6477)

  • A new option -unmatchable was added to condor_q that causes condor_q to show only jobs that will not match any of the available slots. (Ticket #6529)

  • OpenMPI jobs launched in the parallel universe via openmpiscript now work with shared file systems (again). (Ticket #6556)

  • Allow a parallel universe job with parallel scheduling group to select a new parallel scheduling group when held and released. (Ticket #6516)

  • Allow p-slot preemption to work with parallel universe. (Ticket #6517)

  • Added the ability in condor_dagman to specify submit files with spaces in their path names. Paths that include spaces must be wrapped in quotes (i.e. JOB A “/path to/job.sub”). (Ticket #6389)

  • Added the ability in condor_submit to specify executable, error and output files with spaces in their paths. Previously, adding whitespace to these fields would result in an error claiming certain attributes could only take exactly one argument. Now, whitespace is treated as part of the path. (Ticket #6389)

  • An IPv6 address can now be specified in the configuration file either with or without square brackets in most cases. If specifying a port number in the same value, the square brackets are required. If using a wild card to specify a range of possible addresses, square brackets are not allowed. (Ticket #5697)

  • Improved support for IPv6 link-local addresses, in particular using the correct scope id. Using a wild card or device name in NETWORK_INTERFACE now works properly when NO_DNS is set to True. (Ticket #6518)

  • Python bindings installed via pip on a system without a HTCondor install (i.e. without a condor_config present) will use a “null” config and print a warning. (Ticket #6515)

  • The new configuration parameter NEGOTIATOR_JOB_CONSTRAINT defines an expression which constrains which job ads are considered for matchmaking by the condor_negotiator. (Ticket #6250)

  • The condor_startd will now keep trying to delete a job sandbox until it succeeds. The retries are attempted with an exponential back off in frequency. (Ticket #6500)

  • condor_q will no longer batch jobs with different cluster ids together unless they have the same JobBatchName attribute or are in the same DAG. (Ticket #6532)

  • condor_q will now sort jobs by job id when the -long argument is used. (Ticket #6287)

  • Improve the performance of reading and writing ClassAds to the network. The performance of reading ClassAds from UDP is particularly improved, up to 20% faster than previously. (Ticket #6555) (Ticket #6561)

  • Several minor performance improvements. (Ticket #6550) (Ticket #6551) (Ticket #6565) (Ticket #6566)

  • Removed configuration parameters ENABLE_ADDRESS_REWRITING and SHARED_PORT_ADDRESS_REWRITING. (Ticket #6525)

  • Removed the deprecated AvailStats attribute from the machine ad. This was being computing incorrectly, and apparently never used. (Ticket #6526)

  • Added basic support for a “Credential Management” subsystem which will eventually be used to support interaction with OAuth services (like SciTokens,, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.). Still in preliminary phases and not really ready for public use. (Ticket #6513)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where Docker universe jobs that exited via a signal did not properly report the signal. (Ticket #6538)

  • Fixed a bug where HTCondor would misreport the number of custom machine resources (GPUs) allocated to a job in certain cases. (Ticket #6549)

  • IPv4 addresses are now ignored when resolving a hostname and ENABLE_IPV4 is set to False. (Ticket #4881)

  • Fixed a race condition in the condor_startd that could result in skipping the code that makes sure that a job sandbox was deleted in the event that the condor_starter did not delete it. (Ticket #6524)

  • Fixed a bug in condor_q when both the -tot and -global options were used, that would result in no output when querying a condor_schedd running version 8.7 or later. (Ticket #6494)

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent grid universe batch jobs from working properly on Debian and Ubuntu. (Ticket #6560)

Version 8.7.6

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.6 released on January 4, 2018.

New Features:

  • Changed the default value of configuration parameter IS_OWNER to False. The previous default value is now set as part of the use POLICY : Desktop configuration template. (Ticket #6463)

  • You may now use SCHEDD and JOB instead of MY and TARGET in SUBMIT_REQUIREMENTS expressions. (Ticket #4818)

  • Added cmake build option WANT_PYTHON_WHEELS and make target pypi_staging to build the framework for Python wheels. This option and target are not enabled by default and are not likely to work outside of Linux environments with a single Python installation. (Ticket #6486)

  • Added new job attributes BatchProject and BatchRuntime for grid-type batch jobs. They specify the project/allocation name and maximum runtime in seconds for the job that’s submited to the underlying batch system. (Ticket #6451)

  • HTCondor now respects ATTR_JOB_SUCCESS_EXIT_CODE when sending job notifications. (Ticket #6432)

  • Added some graph metrics (height, width, etc.) to DAGMan’s metrics file output. (Ticket #6470)

  • Removed Quill from HTCondor codebase. (Ticket #6496)

Bugs Fixed:

  • HTCondor now reports all submit warnings, not just the first one. (Ticket #6446)

  • The job log will no longer contain empty submit warnings. (Ticket #6465)

  • DAGMan previously connected to condor_schedd every time it detected an update in its internal state. This is too aggressive for rapidly changing DAGs, so we’ve changed the connection to happen in time intervals defined by DAGMAN_QUEUE_UPDATE_INTERVAL, by default once every five minutes. (Ticket #6464)

  • DAGMan now enforces the DAGMAN_MAX_JOB_HOLDS limit by the number of held jobs in a cluster at the same time. Previously it counted all holds over the lifetime of a cluster, even if only a small number of them are active at the same time. (Ticket #6492)

  • Fixed a bug where on rare occasions the ShadowLog would become owned by root. (Ticket #6485)

  • Fixed a bug where using condor_qedit to change any of the concurrency limits of a job would have no effect. (Ticket #6448)

  • When copy_to_spool is set to True, condor_submit now attempts to transfer the job exectuable only once per job cluster, instead of once per job. (Ticket #6459)

  • Fixed a bug that could result in an incorrect total reported by condor_rm when the -totals option is used. (Ticket #6450)

Version 8.7.5

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.5 released on November 14, 2017.

New Features:

  • None.

Bugs Fixed:

Version 8.7.4

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.4 released on October 31, 2017.

New Features:

  • Added support for late materialization into condor_dagman. DAGs that include late materialized jobs now work correctly in both normal and recovery conditions. (Ticket #6274)

  • We now produce run time statistics in condor_dagman, tracking how much time DAGMan spends idle, how much time it spends submitting jobs and processing log files. This information could be used to determine why a DAG is submitting jobs slowly and how to optimize it. These statistics currently get dumped into the .dagman.out file at the end of a DAGs execution. (Ticket #6411)

  • Added a new knob to condor_dagman, DAGMAN_AGGRESSIVE_SUBMIT. When set to True, this tells DAGMan to ignore the interval time limit for submitting jobs (defined by DAGMAN_USER_LOG_SCAN_INTERVAL) and to continuously submit jobs until no more are ready, or until it hits a different limit. (Ticket #6386)

  • Added status command to condor_annex. This command invokes condor_status to display information about annex instances that have reported to the collector. It also gathers information about annex instances from EC2 and forwards that data to condor_status to detect instances which the collector does not yet or any longer know about. The annex instance ads fabricated for this purpose are not real slot ads, so some options you may know from condor_status do not apply to the status command of condor_annex. See the Cloud Computing section for details. (Ticket #6321)

  • Added a “merge” mode to condor_status. When invoked with the [-merge <file>] option, ads will be read from file, which can be - to indicate standard in, and compared to the ads selected by the query specified as usual by the remainder of the command-line. Ads will be compared on the basis of the sort key (which you can change with [-sort <key>]). condor_status will print three tables based on that comparison: the first table will be generated from those ads whose key was in the query but not in file; the second table will be generated from those ads whose key was appeared in both the query and in file, and the third table will be generated from those ads whose key appeared only in file. (Ticket #6321)

  • Added off command to condor_annex. This command invokes condor_off -annex appropriately. (Ticket #6408)

  • Updated condor_annex -check-setup to check collector security as well as connectivity. (Ticket #6322)

  • Added submit warnings. See section Policy Configuration for Execute Hosts and for Submit Hosts. (Ticket #5971)

  • openmpiscript now uses condor_chirp to run Open MPI’s execute daemons (orted) directly under the condor_starter (instead of using SSH). openmpiscript now also puts information about the number of CPUs in the hostfile given to mpirun and now includes an option for jobs that intend to use hybrid Open MPI+OpenMP. (Ticket #6403)

  • The High Availability condor_replication daemon now works on machines using mixed IPV6/IPV4 addressing or using the condor_shared_port daemon. (Ticket #6413)

  • When Docker universe starts a job, it no longer uses the docker run command line to do so. Now, it first creates a container with docker create, then starts it with docker start. This allows HTCondor to better isolate errors at container creation time, but should not result in any user visible changes at run time. The StarterLog will now always print the docker command line for the start and create, and not the run that it used to. (Ticket #6377)

  • When docker universe reports memory usage, it now reports the RSS (Resident Set Size) of the container, previously it reported RSS + page cache size (Ticket #6430)

  • Added support for both user and daemon authentication using the MUNGE service. (Ticket #6404)

  • Added a new -macro argument to condor_config_val. This argument causes condor_config_val to show the results of doing $() expansion of its arguments as if they were the result of a look up rather than the names of configuration variables to look up. (Ticket #6416)

  • CErequirements for the BLAHP can now be expressed in a simple form such as a string or nested ClassAd. (Ticket #6133)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 8.7.0 where the job attributes RemoteUserCpu and RemoteSysCpu where never updated in the history file, or in condor_q output. The user log would show the correct values. (Ticket #6426)

  • The new behavior of the -expand command line argument of condor_config_val was breaking some scripts, so that functionality has been moved and -expand reverted to the pre 8.7.2 behavior. (Ticket #6416)

  • Grid type boinc jobs are now considered running when they are reported as IN_PROGRESS. (Ticket #6405)

Version 8.7.3

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.3 released on September 12, 2017.

Known Issues:

  • Our current implementation of late materialization is incompatible with condor_dagman and will cause unexpected behavior, including failing without warning. This is a top-priority issue which aim to resolve in an upcoming release. (Ticket #6292)

New Features:

  • Changed condor_top tool to monitor the condor_schedd by default, to show more useful columns in the default view, to better format output when redirected or piped, and to optionally take input of two ClassAd files. (Ticket #6352)

  • Changed how auto works for ENABLE_IPV4 and ENABLE_IPV6. HTCondor now ignores addresses that are likely to be useless (loopback or link-local) unless no address is likely to be useful (private or public). (Ticket #6348)

  • Added support for Public Input Files in HTCondor jobs. This allows users to transfer input files over a publicly-available HTTP web service, which can benefit from caching proxies, load balancers, and other tools to improve file transfer performance. (Ticket #6356)

  • Added -grid:ec2 to condor_q to avoid truncating AWS’ new, longer, instance IDs. Replaced useless (given the instance ID) instance host name with the CMD column, to help distinguish EC2 jobs from each other. (Ticket #5478)

  • Added statistical output for job input files transferred from web servers using the curl_plugin tool. Statistics are stored in ClassAd format, saved by default to a transfer_history file in the local logs folder. (Ticket #6229)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed some small memory leaks in the HTCondor daemons. (Ticket #6361)

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent dollar-dollar expansion from working correctly for parallel universe jobs running on partitionable slots. (Ticket #6370)

Version 8.7.2

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.2 released on June 22, 2017.

Known Issues:

  • Our current implementation of late materialization is incompatible with condor_dagman and will cause unexpected behavior, including failing without warning. This is a top-priority issue which aim to resolve in an upcoming release. (Ticket #6292)

New Features:

  • Improved the performance of the condor_schedd by setting the default for the knob SUBMIT_SKIP_FILECHECKS to true. This prevents the condor_schedd from checking the readability of all input files, and skips the creation of the output files on the submit side at submit time. Output files are now created either at transfer time, when file transfer is on, or by the job itself, if a shared filesystem is used. As a result of this change, it is possible that a job will run to completion, and only then is put on hold because the output file on the submit machine cannot be written. (Ticket #6220)

  • Changed condor_submit to not create empty stdout and stderr files before submitting jobs by default. This caused confusion for users, and slowed down the submission process. The older behavior, where condor_submit would fail if it could not create this files, is available when the parameter SUBMIT_SKIP_FILECHECKS is set to false. The default is now true. (Ticket #6220)

  • condor_q will now show expanded totals when querying a condor_schedd that is version 8.7.1 or later. The totals for the current user and for all users are provided by the condor_schedd. To get the old totals display set the configuration parameter CONDOR_Q_SHOW_OLD_SUMMARY to true. (Ticket #6254)

  • The condor_annex tool now logs to the user configuration directory. Added an audit log of condor_annex commands and their results. (Ticket #6267)

  • Changed condor_off so that the -annex flag implies the -master flag, since this is more likely to be the right thing. (Ticket #6266)

  • Added -status flag to condor_annex, which reports on instances which are running but not in the pool. (Ticket #6257)

  • If invoked with an annex name and duration (but not an instance or slot count), condor_annex will now adjust the duration of the named annex. (Ticket #6161)

  • Job input files which are downloaded from http:// web addresses now have mechanisms to recover from transfer failures. This should increase the reliability of using web-based input files, especially under slow and/or unstable network conditions. (Ticket #5886)

  • Reduced load on the condor_collector by optimizing queries performed when an HTCondor daemon needs to look up the address of another daemon. (Ticket #6223)

  • Reduced load on the condor_collector by optimizing queries performed when using condor_q with several different command-line options such as -submitter and -global. (Ticket #6222)

  • Added the condor_top tool, an automated version of the now-defunct which uses the python bindings to monitor the status of daemons. (Ticket #6205)

  • Added a new option -cron to condor_gpu_discovery that allows it to be used directly as an executable of a condor_startd cron job. (Ticket #6012)

  • The configuration variable MAX_RUNNING_SCHEDULER_JOBS_PER_OWNER was set to default to 100. It formerly had no default value. (Ticket #6260)

  • Added a parameter DEDICATED_SCHEDULER_USE_SERIAL_CLAIMS which defaults to false. When true, allows the dedicated schedule to use claimed/idle slots that the serial scheduler has claimed. (Ticket #6276)

  • The condor_advertise tool now assumes an update command if one is not specified on the command-line and attempts to determine exact command by inspecting the first ad to be advertised. (Ticket #6296)

  • Improved support for running several condor_negotiator s in a single pool. NEGOTIATOR_NAME now works like MASTER_NAME. condor_userprio has a -name option to select a specific condor_negotiator. Accounting ads from multiple condor_negotiator s can co-exist in the condor_collector. (Ticket #5717)

  • Package EC2 Annex components in the condor-annex-ec2 sub RPM. (Ticket #6202)

  • Added configuration parameter ALTERNATE_JOB_SPOOL, an expression evaluated against the job ad, which specifies an alternate spool directory to use for files related to that job. (Ticket #6221)

Bugs Fixed:

  • With an empty configuration file, HTCondor would behave as if ALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR were *. Changed the default to $(CONDOR_HOST), which is much less insecure. (Ticket #6230)

  • Fixed a bug in the condor_schedd where it did not account for the initial state of late materialize jobs when calculating the running totals of jobs by state. This bug resulted in condor_q displaying incorrect totals when CONDOR_Q_SHOW_OLD_SUMMARY was set to false. (Ticket #6272)

  • Fixed a bug where the condor_schedd would incorrectly try to check the validity of output files and directories for late materialize jobs. The condor_schedd will now always skip file checks for late materialize jobs. (Ticket #6246)

  • Changed the output of the condor_status command so that the Load Average field now displays the load average of just the condor job running in that slot. Previously, load associated from outside of condor was proportionately distributed into the condor slots, resulting in much confusion. (Ticket #6225)

  • Illegal chars (‘+’, ‘.’) are now prohibited in DAGMan node names. (Ticket #5966)

  • Improve audit log messages by including the connection ID and properly filtering out shadow and gridmanager modifications to the job queue log. (Ticket #6289)

  • condor_root_switchboard has been removed from the release, since PrivSep is no longer supported. (Ticket #6259)

Version 8.7.1

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.1 released on April 24, 2017.

New Features:

  • Previously, when the number of forked children processing Collector queries surpassed the maximum set by the configuration knob COLLECTOR_QUERY_WORKERS, the Collector handled all new incoming queries in-processes (i.e. without forking). As processing a query and sending out the result to the network could take a long time, the result of servicing such queries in-process in the Collector is likely to drop a lot of updates. So now in v8.7.1, instead of servicing such queries in-process, they are queued up for servicing as soon as query worker child processes become available. The configuration knob COLLECTOR_QUERY_WORKERS_PENDING was introduced; see Collector ClassAd Attributes. (Ticket #6192)

  • Default value for COLLECTOR_QUERY_WORKERS changed from 2 to 4. (Ticket #6192)

  • Introduced configuration macro COLLECTOR_QUERY_WORKERS_RESERVE_FOR_HIGH_PRIO so that the collector prioritizes queries that are important for the operation of the pool (such as queries from the negotiator) ahead of servicing user invocations of condor_status. (Ticket #6192)

  • Introduced configuration macro COLLECTOR_QUERY_MAX_WORKTIME to define the maximum amount of time the collector may service a query from a client like condor_status. See Collector ClassAd Attributes (Ticket #6192)

  • Added several new statistics on collector query performance into the Collector ClassAd, including ActiveQueryWorkers, ActiveQueryWorkersPeak, PendingQueries, PendingQueriesPeak, DroppedQueries, and RecentDroppedQueries. See Collector ClassAd Attributes (Ticket #6192)

  • Further refinement and initial documentation of the HTCondor Annex. (Ticket #6147) (Ticket #6149) (Ticket #6150) (Ticket #6155) (Ticket #6157) (Ticket #6184) (Ticket #6196) (Ticket #6216) (Ticket #6218)

  • Docker universe jobs can now use condor_chirp command (if it is in the image). (Ticket #6162)

  • In the Job Router, when a candidate job matches multiple routes, the first route is now always selected. The old behavior of spreading jobs across all matching routes round-robin style can be enabled by setting the new configuration parameter JOB_ROUTER_ROUND_ROBIN_SELECTION to True. (Ticket #6190)

  • The condor_schedd now keeps a count of jobs by state for each owner and submitter and will report them to condor_q. Condorq will display these totals unless the new configuration parameter CONDOR_Q_SHOW_OLD_SUMMARY is set to true. In 8.7.1 this parameter defaults to true. (Ticket #6160)

  • Milestone 1 for late materialization in the condor_schedd was completed. This milestone adds the undocumented option -factory to condor_q that can be used to submit a late materializing job cluster to the condor_schedd. The condor_schedd will refuse the submission unless the configuration parameter SCHEDD_ALLOW_LATE_MATERIALIZATION is set to true. (Ticket #6212)

  • Increased the default value for configuration parameter NEGOTIATOR_SOCKET_CACHE_SIZE to 500. (Ticket #6165)

  • Added new DaemonCore statistics UdpQueueDepth to measure the number of bytes in the UDP receive queue for daemons with a UDP command port. (Ticket #6183)

  • Improved speed of handling queries to the collector by caching the the configuration knob SHARED_PORT_ADDRESS_REWRITING. (Ticket #6187)

  • The condor_collector on Linux now handles some queries in process and some by forking a child process. This allows it to avoid the overhead of forking to handle queries that will take little time. The policy for deciding which queries to handle in process is controlled by a new configuration parameter HANDLE_QUERY_IN_PROC_POLICY. (Ticket #6191)

  • Added -limit option to condor_status and changed the condor_collector to honor it. (Ticket #6198)

  • condor_submit was changed to use the same utility library that the submit python bindings use. This should help insure that submit via python bindings will give the same results as using condor_submit. (Ticket #6181).

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Version 8.7.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 8.7.0 released on March 2, 2017.

New Features:

  • Optimized the code that reads reads ClassAds off the wire making the maximum possible update rate for the Collector about 1.7 times higher than it was before. (Ticket #6105) (Ticket #6130)

  • New statistics have been added to the Collector ad to show time spent handling queries. (Ticket #6123)

  • Changed the formatting of the printing of ClassAd expressions with parentheses. Now there is no space character after every open parenthesis, or before every close parenthesis This looks more natural, is somewhat faster for the condor to parse, and saves space. That is, an expression that used to print like

    ( ( ( foo ) ) )

    now will print like this


    (Ticket #6082)

  • Technology preview of the HTCondor Annex. The HTCondor Annex allows one to extend their HTCondor pool into the cloud. (Ticket #6121)

  • Added -annex option to condor_status and condor_off. Requires an argument; the request is constrained to match machines whose AnnexName ClassAd attribute matches the argument. (Ticket #6116) (Ticket #6117)

  • A refreshed X.509 proxy is now forwarded to the remote cluster in Bosco. (Ticket #5841)

  • Added several new statistics to the Negotiator ad, mainly detailing how time is spent in the negotiation cycle. (Ticket #6060)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Removed redundant updates to the job queue by the Job Router. (Ticket #6102)