Macintosh OS X

This section provides information specific to the Macintosh OS X port of HTCondor. The Macintosh port of HTCondor is more accurately a port of HTCondor to Darwin, the BSD core of OS X. HTCondor uses the Carbon library only to detect keyboard activity, and it does not use Cocoa at all. HTCondor on the Macintosh is a relatively new port, and it is not yet well-integrated into the Macintosh environment.

HTCondor on the Macintosh has a few shortcomings:

  • Users connected to the Macintosh via ssh are not noticed for console activity.

  • The memory size of threaded programs is reported incorrectly.

  • No Macintosh-based installer is provided.

  • The example start up scripts do not follow Macintosh conventions.

  • Kerberos is not supported.