Docker Images

HTCondor provides images on Docker Hub.

Quickstart Instructions

If you’re just getting started with HTCondor, use htcondor/minicondor, a stand-alone HTCondor configuration. The following command will work on most systems with Docker installed:

docker run -it htcondor/minicondor:v8.9.9-el7

From here, you can proceed to the HTCondor Quick Start Guide.

Setting Up a Whole Pool with Docker

If you’re looking to set up a whole pool, the following images correspond to the three required roles. See the Administrative Quick Start Guide for more information about the roles and how to configure these images to work together.

  • htcondor/cm, an image configured as a central manager

  • htcondor/execute, an image configured as an execute node

  • htcondor/submit, an image configured as a submit node

All images are tagged by <version>-<os>, for example, 8.9.9-el7. Not all versions are available for all supported operating systems.