DAG Manager Job Specifications

Some DAG file commands can be used to alter information about the DAG manager job itself such as adding custom classad attributes and setting information in the job environment.

Classad Attributes in the DAG Manager Job

The SET_JOB_ATTR keyword within the DAG input file specifies an attribute/value pair to be set in the DAGMan proper job’s ClassAd. The syntax for SET_JOB_ATTR is

SET_JOB_ATTR AttributeName = AttributeValue

As an example, if the DAG input file contains:

SET_JOB_ATTR TestNumber = 17

the ClassAd of the DAGMan job itself will have an attribute TestNumber with the value 17.

The attribute set by the SET_JOB_ATTR command is set only in the ClassAd of the DAGMan job itself - it is not propagated to node jobs of the DAG.

Values with spaces can be set by surrounding the string containing a space with single or double quotes. (Note that the quote marks themselves will be part of the value.)

Only a single attribute/value pair can be specified per SET_JOB_ATTR command. If the same attribute is specified multiple times in the DAG (or in multiple DAGs run by the same DAGMan instance) the last-specified value is the one that will be utilized. An attribute set in the DAG file can be overridden by specifying

-append 'My.<attribute> = <value>'

on the condor_submit_dag command line.

Environment Variables in the DAG Manager Job

The ENV keyword within the DAG input file can be used to specify environment variables to set into the DAGMan jobs environment or get from the environment that the DAGMan job was submitted from. It is important to know that the environment variables in the DAG manager jobs environment effect scripts and node jobs that rely environment variables since scripts and node jobs are submitted from the DAGMan jobs environment. The syntax is:

#  or
ENV SET Key=Value;Key=Value; ...

The GET keyword takes a list of environment variables names to be added to the DAGMan jobs getenv command in the .condor.sub file for the DAG.

The SET keyword takes a semi-colon delimited list of key=value pairs of information to add into DAGMan jobs environment command in the .condor.sub file for the DAG. These added key=value must follow the normal HTCondor job environment rules.