HTCondor Version 23.7.2 Manual

The HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS) is a software system that creates a High-Throughput Computing (HTC) environment. This environment might be a single cluster, a set of related clusters on a campus, cloud resources, or national or international federations of computers.

If you are a user of HTCondor, and have been given a login or credentials to use a batch scheduler on an Access Point (sometimes called a scheduler or login node), you may want to read our Quick Start guide here: Users’ Quick Start Guide

If you are a beginning administrator of HTCondor, or want to install it for the first time, please look at our installation guide here: Downloading and Installing

Otherwise, for users of HTCondor who want more information, a complete user’s reference manual is here: Users’ Manual, and a similar complete reference for administrators of HTCondor can be found here: Administrators’ Manual

HTCondor contains many command line tools, each with a traditional Unix “man-page”. These may be found here: Commands Reference (man pages)

Finally, for users writing Python interfaces to HTCondor, our Python API documentation is here: Python Bindings

A complete table of contents follows.

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