Version 23 Feature Releases

We release new features in these releases of HTCondor. The details of each version are described below.

Version 23.4.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 23.4.0 released on February 8, 2023.

  • This version includes all the updates from Version 23.0.4.

New Features:

  • Added configuration parameter SUBMIT_REQUEST_MISSING_UNITS, to warn or prevent submitting with RequestDisk or RequestMemory without a units suffix. (HTCONDOR-1837)

  • On RPM-based distributions, a new package condor-credmon-local is now available which provides the local SciTokens issuer credmon without installing extra packages required by the OAuth credmon. The condor-credmon-local package is now a dependency of the condor-credmon-oauth package. (HTCONDOR-2197)

  • The htcondor command line tools eventlog read command now optionally takes more than one event log to process at once. (HTCONDOR-2220)

  • Docker universe now passes –log-driver none by default when running jobs, but can be disabled with DOCKER_LOG_DRIVER_NONE knob. (HTCONDOR-2190)

  • Jobs that are assigned nVidia GPUs now have the environment variable NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES set in addition to, and with the same value as CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES, as newer nVidia run-times prefer the former. (HTCONDOR-2189)

  • Added job ClassAd attribute ContainerImageSource, a string which is is set to the source of the image transfer. (HTCONDOR-1797)

  • If PER_JOB_HISTORY_DIR is set, it is now a fatal error to write a historical job to the history file, just like the normal history file. (HTCONDOR-2027)

  • condor_submit now generates requirements expressions for condor grid universe jobs like it does for vanilla universe jobs. This can be disabled by setting the new configuration parameter SUBMIT_GENERATE_CONDOR_C_REQUIREMENTS to False. (HTCONDOR-2204)

Bugs Fixed:

Version 23.3.1

  • HTCondor version 23.3.1 released on January 23, 2023.

  • HTCondor tarballs now contain Pelican 7.4.0

New Features:

  • None.

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Version 23.3.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 23.3.0 released on January 4, 2023.

  • Limited support for Enterprise Linux 7 in the 23.x feature versions. Since we are developing new features, the Enterprise Linux 7 build may drop features or be dropped entirely. In particular, Python 2 and OATH credmon support will be removed during the 23.x development cycle. (HTCONDOR-2194)

  • This version includes all the updates from Version 23.0.3.

New Features:

  • Improved the -convertoldroutes option of condor_transform_ads and added a new -help convert option. These changes are meant to assist in the conversion of CE’s away from the deprecated transform syntax. (HTCONDOR-2146)

  • Added ability for DAGMan node script STDOUT and/or STDERR streams be captured in a user defined debug file. For more information visit DAGMan script DEBUG file (HTCONDOR-2159)

  • Improve hold message when jobs on cgroup system exceed their memory limits. (HTCONDOR-1533)

  • Startd now advertises when jobs are running with cgroup enforcement in the slot attribute CgroupEnforced (HTCONDOR-1532)

  • START_CRON_LOG_NON_ZERO_EXIT now also logs the stderr of the startd cron job to the StartLog. (HTCONDOR-1138)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Container universe now works when file transfer is disabled or not used. (HTCONDOR-1329)

  • Removed confusing message in StartLog at shutdown about trying to kill illegal pid. (HTCONDOR-1012)

Version 23.2.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 23.2.0 released on November 29, 2023.

  • This version includes all the updates from Version 23.0.2.

New Features:

  • Added periodic_vacate to the submit language and SYSTEM_PERIODIC_VACATE to the configuration system. Historically, users used periodic_hold/release to evict “stuck” jobs, that is jobs that should finish in some amount of time, but sometimes run for an arbitrarily long time. Now with this new feature, for improved usability, users may use this single periodic_vacate submit command instead. (HTCONDOR-2114)

  • Linux EPs now advertise the startd attribute HasRotationalScratch to be true when HTCondor detects that the execute directory is on a rotational hard disk and false when the kernel reports it to be on SSD, NVME, or tmpfs. (HTCONDOR-2085)

  • Added TimeSlotBusy and TimeExecute to the event log terminate events to indicate how much wall time a job used total (including file transfer) and just for the job execution proper, respectively. (HTCONDOR-2101)

  • Most files that HTCondor generates are now written in binary mode on Windows. As a result, each line in these files will end in just a line feed character, without a preceding carriage return character. Files written by jobs are unaffected by this change. (HTCONDOR-2098)

  • HTCondor now uses the Pelican Platform to do file transfers with the Open Science Data Federation (OSDF). (HTCONDOR-2100)

  • HTCondor now does a better job of cleaning up inner cgroups left behind by glidein pilots. (HTCONDOR-2081)

  • Added new configuration option <Keyword>_HOOK_PREPARE_JOB_ARGS to allow the passing of arguments to specified prepare job hooks. (HTCONDOR-1851)

  • The default trusted CAs for OpenSSL are now always used by default in addition to any specified by AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CAFILE, AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CAFILE, AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CADIR, and AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CADIR. The new configuration parameters AUTH_SSL_SERVER_USE_DEFAULT_CAS and AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_USE_DEFAULT_CAS can be used to disable use of the default CAs for OpenSSL. (HTCONDOR-2090)

  • Using condor_store_cred to set a pool password on Windows now requires ADMINISTRATOR authorization with the condor_master (instead of CONFIG authorization). (HTCONDOR-2106)

  • When condor_remote_cluster installs binaries on an EL7 machine, it now uses the latest 23.0.x release. Before, it would fail, as current feature versions of HTCondor are not available on EL7. (HTCONDOR-2125)

  • HTCondor daemons on Linux no longer run very slowly when the ulimit for the maximum number of open files is very high. (HTCONDOR-2128)

  • Somewhat improved the performance of the _DEBUG flag D_FDS. But please don’t use this unless absolutely needed. (HTCONDOR-2050)

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Version 23.1.0

Release Notes:

  • HTCondor version 23.1.0 released on October 31, 2023.

  • This version includes all the updates from Version 23.0.1.

  • Enterprise Linux 7 support is discontinued with this release.

  • We have added HTCondor Python wheels for the aarch64 CPU architecture on PyPI. (HTCONDOR-2120)

New Features:

  • Improved condor_watch_q to filter tracked jobs based on cluster IDs either provided by the -clusters option or found in association to batch names provided by the -batches option. This helps limit the amount of output lines when using an aggregate/shared log file. (HTCONDOR-2046)

  • Added new -larger-than flag to condor_watch_q that filters tracked jobs to only include jobs with cluster IDs greater than or equal to the provided cluster ID. (HTCONDOR-2046)

  • The Access Point can now be told to use a non-standard ssh port when sending jobs to a remote scheduling system (such as Slurm). You can now specify an alternate ssh port with condor_remote_cluster. (HTCONDOR-2002)

  • Laid groundwork to allow an Execution Point running without root access to accurately limit the job’s usage of CPU and Memory in real time via Linux kernel cgroups. This is particularly interesting for glidein pools. Jobs running in cgroup v2 systems can now subdivide the cgroup they have been given, so that pilots can enforce sub-limits of the resources they are given. (HTCONDOR-2058)

  • HTCondor file transfers using HTTPS can now utilize CA certificates in a non-standard location. The curl_plugin tool now recognizes the environment variable X509_CERT_DIR and configures libcurl to search the given directory for CA certificates. (HTCONDOR-2065)

  • Improved performance of condor_schedd, and other daemons, by caching the value in /etc/localtime, so that debugging logs aren’t always stat’ing that file. (HTCONDOR-2064)

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.