Evaluate the given ClassAd expression(s) in the context of the given ClassAd attributes, and prints the result in ClassAd format.


classad_eval <ad> <expr>[ <expr>]*

classad_eval -file <name> <expr>[ <expr>]*


classad_eval is designed to help you understand and debug ClassAd expressions. You can supply a single ClassAd on the command-line, or via a file, as context for evaluating the expression.


Almost every ad and almost every expression will require you to single quote them. For example, the first line of the following won’t work if you have a file named attempt2, but the second one will:

classad_eval a=2 a*2
classad_eval 'a = 2' 'a * 2'

The simplest ad that will work assigns a value to an attribute, as seen above. You may set multiple attributes in the following way:

classad_eval '[ a = 2; b = 2 ]' 'a + b'

You must supply an empty ad for expressions that don’t reference attributes:

classad_eval '' 'strcat("foo", "bar")'

If you want to evaluate an expression in the context of the job ad, first store the job ad in a file:

condor_q -l 1777.2 >
classad_eval -file 'JobUniverse'

You can extract a machine ad in a similar way:

condor_status -l exec-17 >
classad_eval -file 'Rank'

You can not supply more than one ad to classad_eval.

Exit Status

Returns 0 on success.


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison