list all available tokens for IDTOKENS auth


condor_token_list [-dir directory]

condor_token_list -help


condor_token_list parses the tokens available to the current user and prints them to stdout.

The tokens are stored in files in the directory referenced by SEC_TOKEN_DIRECTORY; multiple tokens may be saved in each file (one per line).

The output format is a list of the deserialized contents of each token, along with the file name containing the token, one per line. It should not be considered machine readable and will be subject to change in future release of HTCondor.



Display brief usage information and exit.


Read tokens from an alternate directory.


To list all tokens as the current user:

$ condor_token_list
Header: {"alg":"HS256","kid":"POOL"} Payload: {"exp":1565576872,"iat":1565543872,"iss":"","scope":"condor:\/DAEMON","sub":""} File: /home/bucky/.condor/tokens.d/token1
Header: {"alg":"HS256","kid":"POOL"} Payload: {"iat":1572414350,"iss":"","scope":"condor:\/WRITE","sub":""} File: /home/bucky/.condor/tokens.d/token2

Exit Status

condor_token_list will exit with a non-zero status value if it fails to read the token directory, tokens are improperly formatted, or if it experiences some other error. Otherwise, it will exit 0.

See also

condor_token_create(1), condor_token_fetch(1), condor_token_request(1)


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison