DAGMan and Accounting Groups

As of version 8.5.6, condor_dagman propagates accounting_group and accounting_group_user values specified for condor_dagman itself to all jobs within the DAG (including sub-DAGs).

The accounting_group and accounting_group_user values can be specified using the -append flag to condor_submit_dag, for example:

$ condor_submit_dag -append accounting_group=group_physics -append \
  accounting_group_user=albert relativity.dag

See Group Accounting for a discussion of group accounting and Accounting Groups with Hierarchical Group Quotas for a discussion of accounting groups with hierarchical group quotas.

As of version 10.0.0, any explicitly set accounting group information within a DAGMan nodes job description will take precedence over the accounting information propagated down through DAGMan. This allows for easy setting of accounting information for all DAG jobs while giving a way for specific jobs to run with different accounting information.