File Paths in DAGs

condor_dagman assumes that all relative paths in a DAG input file and the associated HTCondor submit description files are relative to the current working directory when condor_submit_dag is run. This works well for submitting a single DAG. It presents problems when multiple independent DAGs are submitted with a single invocation of condor_submit_dag. Each of these independent DAGs would logically be in its own directory, such that it could be run or tested independent of other DAGs. Thus, all references to files will be designed to be relative to the DAG’s own directory.

Consider an example DAG within a directory named dag1. There would be a DAG input file, named one.dag for this example. Assume the contents of this DAG input file specify a node job with

JOB A  A.submit

Further assume that partial contents of submit description file A.submit specify

executable = programA
input      = A.input

Directory contents are

├── A.input
├── A.submit
├── one.dag
└── programA

All file paths are correct relative to the dag1 directory. Submission of this example DAG sets the current working directory to dag1 and invokes condor_submit_dag:

$ cd dag1
$ condor_submit_dag one.dag

Expand this example such that there are now two independent DAGs, and each is contained within its own directory. For simplicity, assume that the DAG in dag2 has remarkably similar files and file naming as the DAG in dag1. Assume that the directory contents are

├── dag1
│   ├── A.input
│   ├── A.submit
│   ├── one.dag
│   └── programA
└── dag2
    ├── B.input
    ├── B.submit
    ├── programB
    └── two.dag

The goal is to use a single invocation of condor_submit_dag to run both dag1 and dag2. The invocation

$ cd parent
$ condor_submit_dag dag1/one.dag dag2/two.dag

does not work. Path names are now relative to parent, which is not the desired behavior.

The solution is the -usedagdir command line argument to condor_submit_dag. This feature runs each DAG as if condor_submit_dag had been run in the directory in which the relevant DAG file exists. A working invocation is

$ cd parent
$ condor_submit_dag -usedagdir dag1/one.dag dag2/two.dag

Output files will be placed in the correct directory, and the .dagman.out file will also be in the correct directory. A Rescue DAG file will be written to the current working directory, which is the directory when condor_submit_dag is invoked. The Rescue DAG should be run from that same current working directory. The Rescue DAG includes all the path information necessary to run each node job in the proper directory.

Use of -usedagdir does not work in conjunction with a JOB node specification within the DAG input file using the DIR keyword. Using both will be detected and generate an error.