Configuration Specific to a DAG

All configuration variables and their definitions that relate to DAGMan may be found in Configuration File Entries for DAGMan.

Configuration variables for condor_dagman can be specified in several ways, as given within the ordered list:

  1. In an HTCondor configuration file.

  2. With an environment variable. Prepend the string _CONDOR_ to the configuration variable’s name.

  3. With a line in the DAG input file using the keyword CONFIG, such that there is a configuration file specified that is specific to an instance of condor_dagman. The configuration file specification may instead be specified on the condor_submit_dag command line using the -config option.

  4. For some configuration variables, condor_submit_dag command line argument specifies a configuration variable. For example, the configuration variable DAGMAN_MAX_JOBS_SUBMITTED has the corresponding command line argument -maxjobs.

For this ordered list, configuration values specified or parsed later in the list override ones specified earlier. For example, a value specified on the condor_submit_dag command line overrides corresponding values in any configuration file. And, a value specified in a DAGMan-specific configuration file overrides values specified in a general HTCondor configuration file.

The CONFIG command within the DAG input file specifies a configuration file to be used to set configuration variables related to condor_dagman when running this DAG. The syntax for CONFIG is

CONFIG dagman.config

then the configuration values in file dagman.config will be used for this DAG. If the contents of file dagman.config is


then this configuration is defined for this DAG.

Only a single configuration file can be specified for a given condor_dagman run. For example, if one file is specified within a DAG input file, and a different file is specified on the condor_submit_dag command line, this is a fatal error at submit time. The same is true if different configuration files are specified in multiple DAG input files and referenced in a single condor_submit_dag command.

If multiple DAGs are run in a single condor_dagman run, the configuration options specified in the condor_dagman configuration file, if any, apply to all DAGs, even if some of the DAGs specify no configuration file.

Configuration variables that are not for condor_dagman and not utilized by DaemonCore, yet are specified in a condor_dagman-specific configuration file are ignored.